VIVAT is suitable for early harvest and delivery to crisp factories.


  • dry matter content 23-24%
  • reducing sugar content very low, stable quality
  • low sensitivity to mechanical damage and internal defects
  • medium- high number of tubers with uniform size
  • medium- high marketable yield
  • PCN: Ro 1
  • wart disease: 1
  • Y-virus (PVY): very high
  • potato leaf roll virus (PLRV): medium
  • late blight: medium
  • early blight: medium
  • common scab: medium
  • roundoval
  • netted yellow skin
  • yellow flesh
  • white flowers
  • rapid development and foliage cover
  • VIVAT can be planted on all types of soil
  • VIVAT should be planted with 30 – 32 cm distance (in 75 cm rows) in a well-prepared seedbed
  • Protective chemical control against Rhizoctonia solani is recommended
  • Up to 150 kg N/ha minimum
  • phosphorus 100 kg
  • potassium 250-300 kg/ha (preferably sulphate)
  • sufficient magnesium 80 kg/ha.
  • During dry periods foliage application with micronutrients is useful

VIVAT is not sensitive to Metribuzin routine chemical control of late blight together with active ingredients against early blight is recommended.

  • 2-3 weeks after haulm killing skin set is finished and VIVAT should be harvested in time.
  • Early harvest without haulm killing is possible
  • Medium dormancy
  • Avoid variations in temperature during long term storage
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