SANDRA shows high marketable yield, regular graded tubers with a nice red skin color even after long term storage.


  • Cooking type B, no discoloration after cooking,
  • starch content 13-14%,
  • low sensitivity to mechanical damage, internal
  • defects and black spots
  • deep red skin
  • Very high marketable yield
  • uniform grading
  • PCN: Ro 1
  • wart disease: K1,2 (6,18 little susceptible)
  • Y-virus (PVY): very high
  • potato leaf roll (PLRV): medium
  • late blight: very high
  • black leg: very high
  • common scab: high
  • Oval to long oval tubers
  • shallow eyes
  • red skin
  • yellow flesh
  • Tall
  • very strong
  • flower red-violet
  • rapid development and foliage cover
  • SANDRA can be produced on all types of soil.
  • Seed treatment against rhizoctonia is recommended.
  • Normal planting depth and distance in the row relatively late tuberisation
  • N-supply 100-120 kg N is recommended.
  • Phosphorus and potassium according to local standard application

No metribuzin sensitivity due to a good tolerance to late blight spraying intervals can be less than average haulm killing by splitting technique.

  • Very good storability
  • lower sensitive to Helminthosporium solani than comparable varieties
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