Bavaria Saat, Kartoffelzucht, Blaue St. Galler


The variety Blaue St. Galler is unique in a lot of traits. Because of the purple colouration it is very dedicated for colourful potato dishes.
The purple colouration is caused by anthocyanin, which features an antioxidantial effect.


Cooking type A-B, very good taste, purple colour after cooking, no discolouration after cooking, excellent for the topping of special dishes, good suitability for French-fries production.

Medium yield, high number of tubers, uniform calibration.

  • Y-Virus (PVY): medium
  • late blight: high
  • black leg: high
  • common scab: medium – high

Long oval, accurate to shape, purple skin.

Medium tall, dark leaves, white flower, slow youth development.

Blaue St. Galler has medium demands to soil and water supply; high dormancy; The tubers should be warmed up before planting; Treatment against Rhizoctonia solani is recommended; Usual treatments against Phytophthora. In warm conditions it should be harvested with a lot of soil.