MEGUSTA guarantees a great consumption quality and comes with high resistances against the most important diseases.


Cooking type A, excellent taste, deep yellow and pure flesh colouration, very low susceptibility for internal discolouration and black spots

Medium to high number of tubers, regular calibration with high marketable yield

  • Nematodes: Ro 1,4
  • Potato wart disease (synchyt.): 1,2,6,18
  • Y-virus (PVY): high
  • Potato leaf roll virus (PLRV): high
  • Late blight (phytophtora inf.): high
  • Black leg (erwinia spp.): high
  • Common scab (strept.scabies): high

Long oval shape, smooth skin, shallow eyes

White flowers

MEGUSTA should be planted in rows allowing 30-32cm in a well prepared seedbed. Seed tubers should be warmed up before planting; Treatment against Rhizoctonia solani is recommended; MEGUSTA shows no sensitive reaction to late Metribuzin application; Due to a good tolerance to late blight, spraying intervals can be less than average; MEGUSTA has a good storage ability;