Bavaria Saat, Kartoffelsorte, Selma


Selma is an all-round salad potato variety with a long term presence on the potato market due to its well-known features.


Excellent taste with constant quality features until very late use after spring good storage ability due to good dormancy medium starch content (14 – 15%).

Medium to high number of tubers, regular calibration high marketable yield.

  • Y-Virus (PVY): medium – low
  • potato leaf roll: medium
  • late blight: high
  • early blight: medium
  • black leg: high
  • common scab: high
  • potatoe wart disease: 1

Long oval, smooth yellow skin, shallow eyes dark yellow flesh colour.

Medium tall, white flowers foliage development medium.

Selma can be produced on all types of soil. Seed tubers of Selma should be warmed up before planting. Treatment against Rhizoctonia solani is recommended. Selma should be planted not to deep with 32 – 34 cm in a 75 cm row in a well-prepared seedbed. Selma shows a sensitive reaction to late Sencor application. Harmonic fertilization is useful. Combined fungicides against early and late blight should be used. To avoid high starch content remove foliage not to late!