Bavaria Saat, Kartoffelzucht, Bettina


BETTINA produces high marketable yields even under difficult soil and climatic conditions. BETTINA can also be used for production with organic conditions.


Cooking type B-C, good taste, starch content medium, easily washable, suitable for prepacking, good storage ability due to good dormancy

High number of tubers, regular calibration, very high marketable yield

  • Ro 1-5
  • Y-virus (PVY): immune!
  • potato leaf roll virus (PLRV): medium
  • Klate blight (phytophtora inf.): high
  • Kblack leg (erwinia spp.): medium
  • Common scab (streptom.scabies): high
  • pPotato wart disease (synchyt.): 1

Oval, skin yellow, light, smooth,shallow eyes, light yellow flesh colour

BETTINA can be produced on all types of soil. Seed tubers should be warmed before planting. Treatment against Rhizoctonia solani is recommended. BETTINA should be planted in rows allowing 30-32 cm between tubers and 75 cm between rows in a well prepared seedbed.